Welcome! As a licensed esthetician with a B.S. in human biology, my goal is to teach women and men about all of the various aspects of beauty. I hope to guide you to create beauty routines that blend seamlessly with the life that you are already living. I believe the entire lifestyle we live contributes to our beauty. While I love products, I talk about other things too; like cooking, nutrition, mental health, and more. I hope you can find something special to take away from my site that helps you redefine your definition of what beauty means. Your day to day actions create your beauty routine and I hope that with my guidance, you can look at your life and realize you are living it beautifully. This is Andrea Fontana Beauty.

If you’re looking for more information regarding the services I offer or you simply want to start a conversation, don’t hesitate to use the Contact page to send me an email. Have a beautiful day!