Welcome to My Favorite Things! On here I’ve linked a lot of the products that I talk about frequently and have an obsession over. If you see it on this page, it’s because I have used it and gone back to it many times. If it is an Amazon link, know that I am an Amazon Affiliate and if you purchase through my link, I earn a small commission. I give you my promise that I would never recommend a product I didn’t love and take advantage of the trust you place in me when you buy something I recommend. By purchasing through my affiliate links, you help support Andrea Fontana Beauty and for that I am always grateful.


  •  ROSE HIP OIL: I will always have at least one or two bottles of this on my shelf. Rose hip oil is probably my most used and recommended product. I get everyone addicted to it, so watch it. Here I’ve linked two brands (Aura Cacia & Acure) because those are the two I always buy and trust, but make sure you look for organic and pure rose chip oil when purchasing. Rose hip is loaded with Vitamin C & Vitamin E and is a dry oil great for even oily skin types. It is my secret product for fading my post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation from acne.

  • DERMADOCTOR AIN’T MISBEHAVIN’ HEALTHY TONER WITH LACTIC & GLYCOLIC ACID: Speaking of products I have gotten SO many people hooked on. This toner is the bomb. If you have acne and do not already have the powerhouse of the glycolic and lactic acid combo in your routine, get this one. I LOVE IT. I try other toners here and there but when my skin is freaking out and having a moment, I always go back to this one. Buy it here.

  • BURT’S BEES MILK & HONEY BODY LOTION: I have the most sensitive skin on my body. I cannot put any other lotion on after I shave my legs besides this one. Trust me it took me YEARS of finding this one and I have been using it religiously for over 10 years. If I put anything else on my legs after shaving, my legs immediately turn bright red, get rashy, and they burn SO badly. I also love how this smells and it keeps you moisturized for ever. I think it’s a baby lotion, but WHO CARES?! BRB while I go buy myself baby products so I can also smell like a chubby little angel.

  • LA ROCHE-POSAY EFFACLAR DUO DUAL ACTION ACNE TREATMENT CREAM: This is another product I discovered during my acne filled years and still use to this day. Each tube lasts me like 8 months and I think I’m on my 4th or 5th tube at this point (so don’t let the price scare you). I also use it daily in the areas that I am super acne prone and even though it has benzoyl peroxide, I do not find that it dries me out. It is a miracle worker when zits pop up out of nowhere (just ask my sister before her wedding!). Just apply a little at night before your moisturizer and BAM, it’ll be reduced in the morning.

  • COS RX PIMPLE MASTER PATCH: If you like science experiments on your face, BUY THESE. But really. These with the combo of the spot treatment above, will flatten and pull out your blemishes like there’s no tomorrow. Always keep them on hand, so stick on at night and work their magic while you’re sleeping. Highly recommended 20 out of 10 times.


  • LOREAL VOLUMINOUS MASCARAS: The original Carbon Black and the more recent Lash Paradise version are my two favorite mascaras at the drugstore hands down. Personally I think mascara is one of those things that you don’t need to shell out the big money for. I think these two mascaras are great and always keep one or the other on hand. In my kit, I always stock the original Waterproof formula and love it on all of my clients.

  • NYX MICROBROW PENCIL: I always have at least 5 of these brow pencils in different shades, stocked in my makeup kit. I love how easy they are to work with and they are the perfect amount of waxiness that I like in a brow pencil. It’s easy to fake hairs because the tip is so fine pointed.

  • MAYBELLINE MASTER STROBING LIQUID IN LIGHT/IRIDESCENT: This has been my favorite liquid highlighter to mix in with any foundation for a dewy skin look. I add it in almost every time I do my makeup and it’s a great, cheaper dupe for the Becca Shimmering Skin Perfector in Opal.

  • URBAN DECAY ALL NIGHTER SETTING SPRAY: This is the only setting spray I will use on clients. I love how well it works to make everyone’s makeup stay put, so I doubt I’ll ever sway from it unless they stop making it.

  • LORAC PRO MATTE LIP COLOR IN MAUVE: This is probably my most popular lip color in my makeup kit for brides. It’s the perfect amount of brightness, but isn’t too crazy. It looks great on everyone and the slight cool undertone, helps make your smile look brighter and whiter. I also love it for myself.

  • GLO MINERALS SUEDE MATTE CRAYONS IN MONOGRAM AND TRADEMARK: These last two lip colors are my other two favorites in my makeup kit. I often use them for bridesmaids because they are so beautiful on so many different skin tones. Monogram is slightly peachier and Trademark is a little more mauve/cool toned. Highly recommend the finish of these because they apply so easily but do not dry out your lips.