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Dre Does Cleansing

I cannot stress enough the importance of cleansing your face. It does not matter how late, how tired, and how lazy you may feel, you will not regret going to bed with a clean face. I know throughout college it was especially hard to follow through with this, but if I missed one night of cleansing my skin even after a whole month of good routine, I would get breakouts. If you are lucky and this doesn't happen to you, you're still not off the hook. Everyone should be cleansing in the morning and night, no matter your skin type or age. If you're crunched for time, do it in the shower. 

Now if you're already consistently cleansing, that's wonderful. Are you using the right type of cleanser though? First off, don't ever use products that are meant for your body, on your face. I know it may seem more convenient and cost effective to use one product for everything, but the skin on your face can be completely different than the skin on your body. Don't ever use bar soap on your face. That's a big no-no. It will completely strip your skin of oils because it's meant to clean your body.

The two most common types of cleansers are cream and gel. Until I started esthiology school, I didn't really understand the skin types they were targeted for, so chances are you don't either. Cream cleansers are thicker and less 'soapy' feeling. They are targeted for normal to dry skin types. The cream aids in removing impurities, dirt, and makeup while still leaving the skin feeling super hydrated. Gel cleansers on the other hand, are targeted for those in the normal to oily range. The gel helps rid your skin of excess oil. The first question I ask clients when they tell me they have dry skin, is if they use a gel cleanser. The reason for this is that if your skin isn't excessively oily and you are using gel, it's going to strip you of even more oils than is needed. The same can be said for super oily skin, if you're using a cream cleanser. Try a gel cleanser if you're experiencing excessive oiliness. 

So go take a look at what you're using to cleanse your skin. Within the next week, I'm going to be posting a guide on skin types so you really understand what you're working with. Many of us think we know what type of skin we have, but it may be the products we are using that are making it dryer or more oilier than it actually is. 

Have a beautiful day (and stay warm if you're anywhere within the snowstorm's grasp), 


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