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Dre Does a Quick Fix: Broken Powders

Good quality makeup is expensive and if you're willing to shell out the money to have it, the disappointment is huge when we either break it or lose it. It's no secret that I'm absolutely obsessed with the tarte Amazonian Clay blushes. After I bought my first in the shade Natural Beauty for a pretty penny ($26 to be exact), I was broken hearted when I accidentally dropped it on the bathroom floor and it shattered. Luckily it was closed so I put my good old rubbing alcohol to good use to save my favorite little guy. Here is a picture of the sad broken blush beforehand.
And here is a picture of everything you need (however, the quarter and tissue are optional and you'll see why later).
You can certainly use a normal shaped Q-Tip, but I have these on hand in my makeup kit for touch ups, so I prefer them for this quick fix. The pointed end is great for breaking up the broken pieces and the flat end is great for smoothing the product before you let it dry. I got 75 of these guys for $1.79 at drugstore.com so click here for the link to these exact ones if you're interested. They're great for any touch ups or removal when doing your eye makeup too. But let's get back to fixing makeup! 

So the first step is to break up the product into as fine of a powder as you can. Be careful because depending on the product it can fly everywhere. 
The picture above is using just the pointed end and the one below shows how well the flat end works too. This is about how broken down you need it. The more broken down, the easier it will be to mix.
Next, pour the rubbing alcohol into the pan a few drops at a time. Be careful because you don't want to add too much. I ended up using about a capful for this size of a product. You can also use this method to set any mineral or loose products in a pan, but be careful because the finer the product is milled the less amount of rubbing alcohol you need to add. So start with a few drops at a time. The flat end is good for mixing it. The idea is to get a thick paste that you can easily spread but isn't too runny.
Now it's time to smooth it out. Using the Q-Tip's flat end, I smooth everything so it looks nice and even. This is where the quarter and tissue come in. If you want a smoother finish, simply wrap the quarter in the tissue and gently press the product to smooth (Shown below). 
Once your product is as smooth as you can get it, simply clean up the edges and let it dry! It should only take a few hours and then it will be ready to use again! Rubbing alcohol is really easy to find at your local drugstore or grocery store and is really inexpensive so this is an amazing way to save those expensive products. This is my finished product!

I hope you enjoyed this Quick Fix! Have a beautiful Monday,


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