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Dre Does an Ipsy Review

It's that time of month again! I'm here with my February Ipsy Glambag Review and I'm sorry that I'm a little later than usual. You will see why though when you read on!

My apologies but my overall shot of all of my Ipsy products doesn't include all five. I did however snap individual product shots before I either a, gave away a product because it smelled so bad...(yes haha read on) or b, used it up! Whoops! I got a little excited...The bag itself is adorable as usual. It's pink and a great wipeable material. The inside has a cute pink leopard pattern which is fun. But let's get to the good stuff :) 

The first product I want to talk about is my favorite from the bag. A full size Zoya polish! These babies retail for $9 and are 5-Free! Incase you're unfamiliar with this nail term, it means that the polish is formulated without Formeldahyde, Toluene, Dibutyl Phthalate, Formeldahyde Resin, or Camphor, which are all harsh chemicals that we don't want to be putting on our nails. (3-Free nail polishes are also good which are formulated without Formeldahyde, Toluene, or Dibutyl Phthalate! The 5-Free just takes it a step further!) Polishes formulated without these chemicals are generally more expensive so it's awesome that Ipsy included a full size one this month! I love this gray/purple shade called 'Odette'. I feel like it's a happy medium between nude and color. I just got a gel manicure last night though so this is why I had to swatch it on my hand...haha However, I can tell it's a nice cream formula that would apply well. I've only heard great things about Zoya. 

The next product is a face mask and being my background in esthetics, I was ridiculously excited to see this included. This post is a little delayed because I wanted to wait and use this mask when I had enough time to really enough it. It's the Fresh Start Mask with Ice Age Mud by Skyn ICELAND. It's a two Phase mask which means that there are two pouches of product that you apply on top of each other. First you apply phase one which is made of Blue Clay and 13,000 mud from the Ice Age (haha this made me chuckle). It had a cooling sensation that feels nice and is supposed to oxygenate, smooth, and clarify your skin.Then you apply phase two right on top, which is a clear AHA gel complex that refines and detoxifies your skin. You massive the gel into the blue clay and it becomes warm and foamy. It's pretty fun to do, not going to lie...hahaThere's also Aloe in the mask which makes it soothing and good for all skin types, even sensitive. Overall my skin felt really awesome afterwards. I would definitely consider purchasing the full size product which is $39 for 6 mask sets (six of each phase). That makes this mask worth $6.50 and brings our Glambag total to $15.50 so far! 

And because what's a face mask without an awesome selfie for you to see what it looks like on? :) 

Next up we have lashes from Jcat Beauty. While I don't wear fake lashes very often, they're always a nice thing to get and have on hand. I've never tried lashes from this brand but they look like a nice length and shape, while I don't normally use it, it's awesome that they come with a mini sized lash glue incase I ever forget my favorite one by Duo. I'll keep you updated on how I like them when I use them! These retail for $3.99 bringing our total up to $19.49!

Next up we have the Tini Beauty Eyetini Cordial Cream Shadow and Base in One in the shade Violette which is a pretty lilac shade with shimmer (it's a nice nod to the 2014 Pantone shade Radiant Orchid). It's a cream base for your eye shadows that is supposed to be a creamy base and powder shadow in one (as the name clearly states haha). This combo is supposed to prolong the wear of your shadow by preventing any fading or creasing throughout the day. I have only used it once before I will have to play with it a little more to give a strong review on it, but so far the wear seems pretty average. It applies nicely and the color is beautiful. With a retail value of $18 since it is full size, I'm very happy to have received it. Current total = $37.49!
Lastly we have the item that smelled so terribly that it was given to a friend within seconds of opening my bag because they could stand the smell and wanted a free lip gloss...haha! It always disappoints me when companies don't spend as much time working on something like the smell of a product. I personally can be completely turned off from something even if I love the actual product, if it smells terrible (especially a lip product because hiiiii...my lips are pretty close to my smeller!). The actual gloss looked nice and pigmented and was a beautiful color but I couldn't get past the 'awful, chemical, disgusting, I don't even know smell'. I did however snap a photo of it before it was adopted. The full size 8.5g product retails for $16, so this mini guy is valued at $7.53 at 4g. This brings our grand total this month to $45.02! Not bad Ipsy, not bad.

Overall I really enjoyed this bag once again! Even without that gloss it was worth over $37 so I'm thrilled! Let me know if any of you have tried any of these products and if you are an Ipsy Subscriber let me know what you got! As usual Ipsy has all the discount codes for all of the brands they worked with this month, listed on their website so it's an awesome opportunity to try out a full size of something you enjoyed from your bag! Below I've linked my two previous months' reviews and the link for you to subscribe yourself if you'd like to! 

Have a beautiful day,


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