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Dre Does Quick Tips: Staying Organized

No matter what we do in life, in order to be successful we need to be organized to some degree. I am a classic planner person. I am very picky at finding the best one and I use it every day to keep track of anything from remembering to take my vitamins to making sure my bills are paid on time. Today I bring you five quick tips on how I stay organized. Remember though that how you stay organized is completely dependent on your personality and what works best for you. If you like to-do lists and keeping track of everything, I think you'll like some of the things I do.

1. Put something on your to-do list that you've already done. Now if you don't like lists you probably won't understand this, but as a person who's mood significantly increases every time I cross something off that list, this is a huge way to get your day started. Being able to cross something off as you're making your list and beginning your day, sets the tone and gives you a push to accomplish more. If this sounds silly, just try it!

2. Clean out your purse once a week. I try to do this more often but this is a big one too. As women our purses tend to hold a chaotic mixture of sorts but it's important to keep them organized. If you know where everything is at all times, your day to day life is more likely to run smoothly. I've been putting my Ipsy Glambags to good use by designating each one for something different in my purse (makeup items, receipts, coupons, etc...) which allows for quicker daily activities like grocery store runs and finding my favorite chapstick. 

3. Start each day with a plan. I start each day by making a list in my planner, but you do what's good for you. Maybe it's on your phone or a post-it note, but regardless the point is to just do it. My dad is a motivational speaker and author so for years I've been hearing 'write your goals on paper'. By planning our days with what we'd like to accomplish, we can apply this principle daily by writing down our goals for the day. How are we supposed to get anything done when we haven't decided what we need to do? Also don't get hung up on if you don't accomplish everything on your list. Sometimes I just have to cross them out and add them to tomorrow's list, which is perfectly fine as long as you don't do it on purpose. 

4. Use colored pens or highlighters to emphasize what's most important. I am a longtime lover of the Sharpie pens because they write well and come in multiple colors. I like writing the extremely important things like bill due dates, in a bright color so that they stand out and aren't forgotten. Then I like to use one color for school work, one for my work schedule, and another for more general life things. 

5. Keep a notepad and pen on your nightstand. I don't know about you but I always seem to remember things or create great ideas once I'm already snuggled up and warm in bed. I always think, "Oh I'll remember it in the morning..." But never do! So keeping a notepad close by will help you remember what you need to without getting untucked! I always slap the post-it on my phone so that when I turn my alarm off, I have to see it. This one seriously is a lifesaver and you must try it if you do some of your best thinking when you should be falling asleep...haha

We can't completely stop the stresses that are in our lives, however we can control how we react to them and how we deal with them. Organizing your life will not only gain you time in your day, but it'll also keep you from getting worked up over the little things that may happen because that's just life. Let  me know if you have any great organizational tips to share! 

Have a beautiful day,


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