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Dre Does an Update

Hello Friends!
Sorry for the small absence but here's an update on where I've been the last two weeks. First off, I'm now entering my last week of esthiology school. With that comes exams, practicals, preparing for state boards and much more! The time that I usually spend writing blog posts has been consumed with study guides, watching massage DVD's, etc...The good news is that I graduate on Friday!! I also spent last weekend in great company at America's Beauty Show in Chicago. It was an absolutely amazing experience and I learned about so much. I'll put some pictures at the end for those who are curious what it is like! Lastly and most importantly, I was offered a job as an esthetician a few weeks ago and have already begun training and learning about all the products and makeup I'll be working with! If you are interested in coming to visit me for a service please feel free to message me on my Dre Does Facebook page! I'm so thankful for all of the opportunities that have been coming my way and the support from all of you that has been equally as amazing. When I decided to switch life paths from PA school to being esthetician, I never expected it to work out this quickly and this well. I couldn't feel more blessed and loved. So a BIG thank you to you if you've been a part of my journey! While I'll be getting used to my new post-graduation schedule in the next few weeks, Dre Does will continue on as normal! I have some fun things planned for spring that I can't wait to share, but as usual feel free to let me know of any questions or requests! 

And now for some pictures!
Standing outside the expo center

The expo center
The expo center
Getting my hair styled at the Amika booth
After getting our hair done at the a Amika booth
More Amika magic!
Chicago :)

Have a beautiful day,


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