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Dre Does an Amika Review

I don't even know where to begin when it comes to this brand, so let's just begin with how I discovered it! When I was at America's Beauty Show in Chicago a few weeks ago, we kept seeing people walking around with bags that had this beautiful flower print. I noticed that they said Amika and since many booths were giving out free bags, I told my friends we needed to find the Amika booth and get our hands on these beautiful bags! When we found the booth we were greeted by a beautiful eye catching display and really friendly Amika representatives. All of a sudden we were offered free stuff and the opportunity to try out products and get our hair done. We obviously jumped on the offer and I immediately fell in love the products and the styling tools. The Obliphica line is centered around the Sea Buckthorn Berry (aka Obliphica) which grows in Siberia, one of the harshest climates, and is loaded with antioxidants, essential amino acids, beta-carotene, Omegas, flavonoids, and Vitamins C and E. I ended up purchasing a dry shampoo, texture spray, heat protecting hair serum, hairspray, and straightener. 

Perk Up Dry Shampoo
This is the product that initially drew me into the line. I am so picky about my dry shampoos and before this one I was never happy with what I was using. As a brunette I hate the white cast that they generally leave, but the thing I hate most is the dirty feeling that is left after spraying them into your hair. This dry shampoo however is amazing! I will never use anything else. The clear formula makes it a breeze to apply and work with and I'm being 100% honest when I say you can't feel anything in your hair. This is because this dry shampoo, unlike most that are out there, contains no aluminum shavings so your hair still feels clean after you use it! They use a rice starch to absorb oils instead, leaving your hair feeling soft and clean instead of heavy and dirty! This also helps you get more volume which is something I am always trying to achieve.

Undone Texture Spray
I've never been a fan of adding any product to my hair when I curl it because it typically weighs my hair down, dries it out, or makes it feel dirty. This texture spray is a serious game changer. With no salt in it, it definitely won't dry your hair out. It also uses zeolite, a natural mineral, to build serious volume. Once again you can't feel this product in your hair which is my favorite thing about the line. I really like adding this to day two curls because it refreshes them and makes them look put together again. I also love spraying it in before I do a top knot bun to give my hair that extra texture to make a bigger and better bun! 

Heat Defense Serum
We should always use a heat protectant before heat styling and I love this one. It's light and doesn't make my hair greasy. Free of parabens and artificial colorings, it is 95% silicones to protect your hair from heat damage. It's also great at taming frizz, which is necessary as we're approaching summer! I apply it when my hair is still damp, even if my hair is just going to be air drying. Sometimes I'll even use the tiniest amount to smooth random fly always or frizz if I'm wearing it straight or curly. 

Touchable Hairspray
If you like a strong but flexible hairspray that doesn't feel crunchy, this is it! It doesn't dry your hair out and does a great job of holding styles. The Obliphica is not only great for your hair but it helps give your hair shine as well. It goes on dry, which is really unique and awesome too. 

All of these products have the amazing Obliphica smell which is to die for. Your hair will smell amazing even going into day two. I couldn't be happier that I tried all of these products out! I would recommend all of them for everyone but if I had to pick two favorites I would definitely say the dry shampoo and the texture spray. They are life changing for someone who wants good smelling, good for your hair, clean, and light products. 

Digital Titanium Heat Styler
This is a miracle straightener! I can completely curl my entire head in 10-15 minutes with curls that will last at least 2 days! I've never been able to do this before so this has made getting ready in the morning quicker and more fun! The negative ions seal the hair cuticle creating smooth and silky curls. It also heats up in about 5 seconds which is insane. I got a ridiculously great deal at the hair show, so I paid less than half the price for this, but even at its original price I recommend it if you're looking for a new styling tool!

Overall, these products and the styling tool have made my hair look amazing. Now I don't have extremely damaged hair because I've never dyed it and don't normally heat style it that often, so my hair is healthy to begin with. However, the Amika products have taken my hair to the next level, making me look like I just got a blowout at the salon, when in reality it took me 20 minutes at most in my own bathroom. You can visit the Amika website at www.loveamika.com to learn more about the products and tools. You can also use a salon locator to find where you can purchase products near you! 

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