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Dre Does Tips on Summer Makeup

When it comes to makeup in the summer, I try to wear it as little as possible. However, there are some times when you need to look put together and going makeup-free is unavoidable. I'm here with my quick tips and alterations to my makeup routine that I use for the summer to make it either last longer or look more put together with less products.

1. Less is more. When I think of summer skin, I think of tanned, glowing beautiful skin. I'm generally happier with my skin in the summer so my philosophy behind summer makeup is different than what I would do in the winter. I want my natural tan and glow to shine through, so I like to use a lighter foundation with less coverage as a base and then I go in and spot conceal the areas that need more attention. This gives the skin a more natural look and ultimately helps your makeup hold up all day because you're using less products and those that are lighter. My theory is the less products you add, the less there are to melt off in the heat and humidity right? haha I will be doing this foundation routine later in the week so look out for it!

2. Change your focus. Summer is a wonderful time to experiment bold new makeup trends. My favorite is to try new lip colors because most of us can generally pull off more shades when we have a little extra color in our skin. If you want to go lighter on the skin and keep it more natural this is a great time to bring the focus to another area of your face. A dramatic cat-eye wing with a waterproof gel liner is a great way to bring drama to your makeup while using a product that is guaranteed to stay put and not budge in the summer.

3. Primers. Find yourself a great face primer and eye primer that work for your skin type. I personally love the Cover-FX Mattifying Primer with Anti-Acne Treatment (click here if you missed Monday's review on this awesome product). If you're oily or have acne prone skin, you need to check it out. For my eyes I love the classic Urban Decay Primer Potion in the original formula. Primers do a whole bunch of beneficial things but most importantly in regards to what we're discussing, they are going to give your makeup something to hold onto. You want to really lock in your makeup so it doesn't go anywhere and this is the first key product I recommend to get your makeup to stay and not crease.

4. Invest in a good setting spray. I recently purchased Urban Decay's Deslick Makeup Setting Spray to use on my brides for the summer because I had yet to try it. So far...I'm in love. Spray a setting spray after you are done with your makeup and it will help set everything, make it look seamless, and make it last longer. I especially like this one from Urban Decay because it helps with oil-control and has temperature-control technology that lowers the temperature of your makeup so it lasts longer. Pretty fancy huh? One quick additional tip is to spray your setting spray after your primer and before your foundation to give your foundation something extra to grab onto and to create basically a barrier that will keep you oil-free longer.

5. Set your liquid products. Make sure you have a good setting powder to set both your concealer and liquid foundation. You want to make sure that it is finely milled so it doesn't set it any fine lines and you if you're going to be around flash photography, stay away from HD powders. They are generally made of mostly silica which can give you a terrible white powder flashback in your pictures! Setting your liquid products will help absorb excess shine and oil and also lock in your makeup to make it last longer (bet you didn't see that one coming...haha). 

So there are some of my tips on doing your makeup in the summer! If you have any tips on summer makeup feel free to leave them below!

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