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Dre Does a Request Search

Good morning friends and happy Friday! I hope you all had a wonderful week. Since I've been getting a few requests recently I wanted to get a quick post up devoted just to asking if you have any requests for me to do! I love blogging even more when I know I'm helping and answering your questions so throw them all my way!

Also incase you missed it, I've started an Instagram for Dre Does! You can either click the banner at the top that says Instagram to go follow it or search the user @dre_does in the actual Instagram app. I've decided to separate my personal Instagram and the blog so only those who want to see my makeup obsession through pictures have to! I hope you will go follow and enjoy :)

If you're on Bloglovin' don't forget to follow me on there as well by either searching Dre Does or clicking the link to the right!

Look for some Fourth of July inspired posts coming your way this upcoming week!

Have a beautiful weekend,


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