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Dre Does Products I've Used Up

If you watch any beauty related YouTube videos consistently, you're probably familiar with people doing videos on products they have used up or 'empties' as they're sometimes called. If you are unaware of this topic, I think it's a very valuable one because it allows you to see the stuff I'm using. If I've used it until it is gone, I think it gives me enough time to really decide how I feel about a product and give you ladies a better opinion. Plus it allows me a chance to say whether or not I would repurchase it! So here we are with a post devoted to products I have recently used up!

1. Neutrogena makeup remover cleansing towelettes (the original blue pack): These are my favorite wipes to this day. I always use a makeup wipe to remove my face and residual eye makeup before I cleanse and I have been using these for years! I've tried numerous other brands and even the store brand versions of the Neutrogena ones but I always come back to these. They are gentle enough and don't burn my eyes, but still manage to get all of the makeup off. I like the texture of the actual wipe too! I actually have a bag that I have been collecting all of these empty products in and it holds 3 of these! Case in point. Haha 

Verdict: Buying, bought, will continue to buy them again. Haha

2. Bioré Makeup Removing Towelettes: Here I was trying out a new wipe and I hated these. They burned my eyes so terribly and I wasn't even using them to remove my eye makeup. These got reassigned to switching duty. I always keep cheaper makeup wipes on hand by my makeup collection and where I do my makeup so that if I need to remove anything off my hands or fingers, whatever, I have something to wipe with. These were only used for this reason. Haha

Verdict: Don't waste the money!

3. Forever 21 Love & Beauty Lavender Makeup Cleansing Tissues: I'm not even going to pretend I tried these on my face because to be honest, I'm a little scared to let something so cheap ($2.80 for 30) touch my face so these were bought with the intention of only using them for swatching and they got the job done! Loved them for this! (The only picture I could find was of the grapefruit scent. As with most Forever 21 stuff, the actual colors and styles you find in the store are really hit or miss so who knows what scents they currently have! Haha) 

Verdict: For the face? No, but worth it for swatching reasons.

4. Tarte Pure Maracuja Oil Deluxe Sample: I'm obsessed with this stuff and so sad that I used it up. It lasted me a long time because you need hardly any but it really is the perfect facial oil. Even though I'm oily I loved how plump and bright it made my skin feel. Some people like to use it as their moisturizer but you can also use it before or after it. While the big bottle is pretty expensive at $45 I know that it will last a long time, so I'm excited to be picking it up soon. I got my sample through Sephora so keep an eye out if you're wanting to try it. They do make a smaller roller ball version if you don't want to commit to trying the huge bottle but I will always recommend this awesome product. 

Verdict: Yes! Let me bathe in Maracuja Oil. Hahaha ok slightly dramatic...

5. Jane Water-Resistant Eye Liner in Black: I've mentioned these eyeliners before and I love them. This is seriously such a hidden gem as far as drugstore makeup goes. It's so inexpensive and I've gone through at least 3 of these. They come in a multitude of colors too! It is so creamy and dark and really stays on so well. I love that it is a twist up pencil so you don't have to worry about sharpening it, but it doesn't break constantly. Sometimes I find that twist up products dry out and break super easy but this isn't the case with this liner.

Verdict: Yes! Get one in every color, especially black.

6. Maybelline Dream Fresh BB 8-in-1 Beauty Balm Skin Perfector in Medium: This honestly got thrown out because it was old. The reason it sat so long and got old was because I wasn't the biggest fan. It's not that it was specifically bad, it just didn't do much. It was too thin of a texture for me. As far as BB creams go, I think there are far better products to try since everyone is creating BB and CC creams now, so I think I would want something with more coverage that has better ingredients in it.

Verdict: Probably won't ever try again and wouldn't recommend. 

There are the first six products that I've used up. These posts will usually be really random collections of products but I'd love your feedback on this type of post! I like stuff like this so I can get people's opinions but I want to know how you enjoy it!

Have a beautiful day, 


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