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Dre Does : My Acne Story - Part Three

Part Three is here to give you some amazing products for covering acne while it's healing! In case you missed parts one and two click the links to catch up before reading on. In part one I gave you a little background and introduction to my acne and in the second part I shared what changes I made in both my lifestyle and skincare routine in order to heal it! Today however, I'm going to share some more products, except this time for concealing. These items worked amazing for me and I definitely recommend trying them out. 

First up we have my favorite foundation of all time, the TARTE AMAZONIAN CLAY 12 HR FULL COVERAGE FOUNDATION. This is all I wear most days because it is so light but also build-able. I love that Tarte Cosmetics is paraben and mineral oil free, among many other ingredients as well. I feel like this allows my skin to breathe and doesn't feel heavy at all. It's the closest I've ever gotten to serious full coverage foundation while still looking natural. I get complimented on my smooth and perfect looking skin almost every day at work and I 100% attribute it to this foundation. People don't know my skin is extremely discolored and uneven underneath. I've written many posts on it before but it is truly a holy grail item in my makeup bag. The Amazonian Clay is amazing at balancing my oily skin and keeping me shine-free. I wouldn't recommend it for anyone with dryness or flakey skin however. It is truly best for oily skin because the clay will dry you out even more and cling to patches if there and then it really will look unnatural. 

If you can't shell out the $38 for the Tarte foundation, I recommend checking out COVERGIRL'S OUTLAST STAY FABULOUS 3-in-1 FOUNDATION. This was my favorite before I discovered the Tarte one and it's an amazing foundation and very similar. It also gives a matte finish which I think is key in covering acne. Any bit of shine will call attention to the texture of your skin, so if it is bumpy make sure to use a matte finish foundation. This doesn't mean you have to have a completely matte face. Add dimension in the right places with a highlighter later, but start with a nice matte base to conceal the acne better. This foundation is also long wearing and gives great coverage. I'm not normally into gimmicky products that say they are multiple products in one (in this case primer, foundation and concealer) but I really think it does these things so good job Covergirl!

My favorite concealer is the BENEFIT BOI-ING INDUSTRIAL STRENGTH CONCEALER for concealing blemishes but the SONIA KASHUK HIDDEN AGENDA PALETTE is a close second. Both give great coverage and are a thicker, creamy consistency which I prefer for spot concealing. I like that the Sonia Kashuk comes which a few different shades so you can perfectly match your skin tone and also a setting powder. My favorite way to apply these is to use my ring finger (clean so we don't spread any bacteria!) to really melt the product into my skin and make it look more natural. 

The second key step in concealing your blemishes is prolonging the wear so that they stay covered all day! For this you need a good setting powder. I personally love the RIMMEL STAY MATTE POWDER for not only mattifying my t-zone but also for setting my concealer. I just use a very small fluffy brush to dust this over my concealer and it helps it last all day! 

Lastly I have to talk about my URBAN DECAY DESLICK SETTING SPRAY because I seriously don't know what I would do without it. This product is key in making my makeup and concealing last all day, especially when I'm covering blemishes! I prefer the oil control formula because I am oily but they have two other options as well for dry and normal skin. You cannot feel this spray on your face and it seriously is the secret to how I get my makeup to last a good 12 hours. 

Let me know if you have any favorite makeup products for dealing with acne. I really hope you enjoyed this series and if you like this type of post be sure to let me know! Remember not to get frustrated and to be patient when dealing with skin! Start the good habits and you can clear your acne as well! 

Have a beautiful weekend,


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