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Dre Does a Skincare PSA!

It's that time of year where I beg you to please make sure you step up your SPF game! Spring is here full force and with summer around the corner it's important for us to protect ourselves from the sun. While I appreciate its warmth immensely, it can be extremely damaging to us. 

WEAR SPF. First and foremost, make sure you are putting on your SPF daily. Whether it is in your foundation or an extra step in your beauty routine, it is so crucial. My absolute favorite is Benefit Cosmetics' Dream Screen because it is clear, has an SPF of 45, and dries to a smooth, matte finish that is perfect for us oily women. 

Make sure it's broad spectrum. It is important to use a broad spectrum SPF so that you are protected from both UVA (the aging) and UVB (the burning) rays. 

Don't get confused. Just because an SPF has a larger number doesn't mean it is better at protecting you. It simply means you can go longer without reapplying it than the smaller SPFs.

Wear a hat. When else do you get the excuse to go shopping and find a fashion statement that can also protect your face?

Known your skin. Make sure you are always checking your skin for any changes or new appearances of moles. Changes in texture, color, size, etc. should always alert you to go see a dermatologist.

Visit a doctor. Make sure you are under the care of a dermatologist who can help you keep tract of any moles that could be concerning, especially if you burn really easily or have a history of skin cancer in your family. When in doubt, get it checked out!

Your skin is your body's largest organ and its first line of defense so TAKE CARE OF IT! You only get one life to protect yourself from skin cancer and premature aging, so do a good job! 

Now enjoy your spring/summer while covered in SPF!

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