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Dre Does Deluxe #1

While brainstorming some new ideas for the blog I began thinking about the infamous aisle of doom that both Sephora and Ulta have right by the check out. You know the section that has mini sizes of all of the products that you tried so hard not to spend all of your hard earned money on, but the second you stand in that line waiting to pay you find 18 mini's you JUST HAVE TO TRY because they are so much cheaper than a full size. Then you somehow end up walking out spending twice as much as you were planning on.

We have all been there. So I've decided to start a new series called Dre Does Deluxe in which I tell you whether you should 'Buy, Try or Say Bye' to that product.

BUY- Just go ahead and get the full size product because it is amazing and you get more for your money
TRY- Test out the smaller 'Deluxe' sample size because it's either a better deal or it's something you have to try for yourself
SAY BYE-Just skip all sizes of the product because overall the product is a miss and not worth even trying in a smaller size.

This series will do two things. First, hopefully it'll help you exercise some sort of restraint when it comes to those adorable little mini sized products to make sure you're only buying products that are actually worth trying. Second, it'll give me some sort of justification for my obsession with trying new things without breaking the bank! 

If you have any suggestions or requests for products you'd like me to try, please let me know! I already have some ideas but am always open to new ones!

So let's get started with the first post in this series starting with the Fresh Soy Face Cleanser. 

I am usually super picky with my cleansers and don't like to experiement too much because my skin is so sensitive. Incase you are new to my blog, I have very oily and acne-prone skin. I can breakout sometimes when trying new products. I had heard so many people rave about this cleanser so when I was looking for a travel sized cleanser to take in my carry-on to Puerto Rico in March, I decided to go for this one. 

Fresh claims that this gel cleanser is for all skin types and will gently remove impurities and makeup. It is rich in amino acids and soy protein which aid in moisture retention, and improving elasticity and firmness of the skin. It also has rosewater to tone the skin and cucumber extract to calm. I lliked that it is fragrance and soap free as well. The 1.7 oz size that I purchased lasted me for about 2 weeks, which is a great size to decide if you like it.

Overall, I think this is a mediocre cleanser for my skin. I didn't fall in love like I thought I was going to which is due to a few reasons. For me the issue is that I need a cleanser that is much more deep cleansing than this one. I am used to using one that is designed for oily and acne-prone skin types which I feel gets everything off my face both in the morning and at night as well. If you are someone who loves a very simple and basic cleanser I think you would enjoy this. However, if you're like me and need that deep cleanse, I would skip this one. You can probably tell by this post that I'm not the biggest fan of 'all skin types' products because everyone's skin is unique and we need different products. 

As far as pricing goes, if you buy the smaller 1.7 oz you are paying $8.82 per oz of product. If you buy the full size of 5.1 oz you are paying $7.45 per oz of product. Not that much of a difference, but at least you are saving if you decide to go for the big one. 

So the final result is:
Dry to Normal Skin Types...TRY
Oily and Acne-Prone types...SAY BYE

There you have my first post in the Dre Does Deluxe series! Let me know if you have any suggestions or ideas for future posts.

Have a beautiful day,


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