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Dre Does Pizza on the Grill

It's impossible to not think of grilling when you think about the summer. So many of my memories as a child in the summertime were at cookouts with friends, family, and neighbors. Saying that my dad loves to grill is an understatement and I like to think I've picked up some skills from him over the years. So today I bring you a post that's a little bit different than usual, but an absolute favorite of mine. 

As a vegetarian it can be really hard to find alternatives to grilling meat. Enter one of God's greatest gifts...PIZZA! My parents used to grill us pizzas all the time and now that I'm all grown up, I've adapted a family favorite to my own use. The thing I love most about this idea is that you can invite a bunch of friends over, get tons of different toppings, and everyone can create their own. I like to buy the thin personal crusts at the grocery store so that everyone can customize their own pizza, but larger ones work well too! Hello summer Pizza Bar! These pizzas are also great for sneaking veggies into kids' dinners or my personal favorite...cleaning out the fridge! I like to keep the crusts on hand so that if I have no idea what to make one night, I can throw a quick pizza together.

I mean just look at it!

All you need is the following:
-Pizza crust of your choice (thin, thick, gluten-free, wheat, homemade, store bought...who cares?!)
-Extra Virgin Olive Oil
-Marinara sauce, pesto, alfredo...get creative!
-Tongs for flipping easily
-Cheese (I love feta and mozzarella on mine!)
-Toppings (the world is your oyster with this one...) I made a simple one with just tomatoes below

1. I start by spreading olive oil on both sides of the pizza crust and placing it on the grill for a few minutes until golden brown.
2. If you want to pretend you're fancy like I do, turn the pizza 90 degrees halfway through to get pretty grill marks. Once it's nice and golden, flip it over!
3. Now is the fun part. Here I added sauce, mozzarella, slices of fresh tomatoes, and then more cheese!
4. Now shut the grill and let everything melt and heat up until the bottom is golden brown. Once again, if feeling fancy, turn it 90 degrees for pretty grill marks. 

That's it! You have made a grilled pizza. If you make your own grilled pizzas be sure to share pictures on your Instagram and twitter with the hashtag #DreDoes so I can see what combinations you make!

 Have a beautiful Friday,


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