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Dre Does a Warm Smoky Eye

I decided to keep the bronze theme going from my two previous posts (facial self tanning routine and makeup to enhance your tan) with this photo tutorial that will compliment a tan perfectly. I prefer super warm and smoky eye looks over cooler ones for tan skin, especially on my skin tone. I used only three shadows to create this look so it is really easy. All three shades were from the Stila 'In the Know' and 'In the Moment' palettes. You can still order the In the Moment palette on Stila's website if you're interested but to be honest, you could find shades like these anywhere. The rest of my makeup is the routine I shared in my last post on enhancing your tan. I hope you enjoy!

1. The first step for any eye look is to apply a primer or eyeshadow base. For this look I used my Stay Don't Stray Eyeshadow Primer from Benefit Cosmetics and applied it from my lash line up to brow.
2. Next use Desert (In the Know) as a transition color on a fluffy brush and blended it into the crease. This adds a little dimension but it's purpose is mostly to make blending darker shadows easier. 
3. Add Fire (In the Know) on a fluffy brush a little at a time, blending as you go. I know this color looks intense on its own, but I promise it won't be after you add your lid shade. I love using these types of oranges to warm up a look. It's always easier to add shadow, so rather than accidentally getting it too intense in an area you don't want, apply a little at a time. 
4. Using a flat shader brush, pack Whim (In the Moment) onto the lid. Go back in with the fluffy brush and blend the edges of the brown with the warm burnt orange color. You may loose a little bit of the intensity of the brown when you do this, so pack a little extra color on the lid if you need you. 
5. On a pencil brush mix the burnt orange and brown and blend them into the lash line. Depending on your skin fine you might have to be careful with how much of the orange you use. It can sometimes make your eyes look sick, so definitely add a little at a time and don't smoke it out too crazy the first time you try it. 
6. Lastly, add your eyeliner (I just used a brown pencil in the upper and lower water lines), and mascara and you're good to go! 

Let me know if you like the format of this photo tutorial and if you'd like me to do them this way from now on! Also if you have any requests as usual, be sure to let me know!

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