Welcome to Andrea Fontana Beauty. I document my favorite products, tips and moments as a freelance makeup artist and esthetician. Hope you have a nice stay!

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Welcome to Andrea Fontana Beauty

Welcome to the new and improved version of Dre Does, now known as Andrea Fontana Beauty. I had been hemming and hawing for quite some time as to whether I wanted to make the switch to a more stream lined blog and website that allowed me to have everything in one place. So here you have it! I've imported all of my blog posts from Dre Does incase you want to read up on any old ones. I'm excited to bring you this new look and I hope you will enjoy it as well. You'll find everything from product recommendations to frequently asked questions on this new site. Plus I have a special section devoted to inspiration pictures of different makeup looks I've created! I can't wait to get the posts going so all suggestions and questions are welcome as usual.  

Current Favorites

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