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Dre Does 5 Quick Mascara Tips

If you ask any woman if she wants longer and fuller eyelashes I guarantee the answer would most of the time be yes. I don't know what it is about mascara, but I find myself on this continuous search for the holy grail mascara that will change my eyelashes forever (tad dramatic? Maybe...but don't we all agree?).

While I don't have the answer for you because we are all unique when it comes to what products work for us, I can give you a few tips that will help you improve whatever mascara you currently love. 

1. Wipe the wand off with a tissue every time you use it. Yes you read that right... Every. Time. It's collecting dried up chunks of mascara that are hindering the wand from doing whatever it's designed to do. I know this seems like a waste of product but it really helps. Plus, mascaras are only meant to be used for 3 months then tossed due to bacteria. 

2. Do not move the wand in and out multiple times in attempt to 'load as much product as you can'. This causes more air to enter the tube and your mascara will dry out faster.

3. Never curl your lashes after you have applied mascara. This is never a good idea because you can break or damage your lashes in the curler. Always curl prior to mascara application. If you were ever a preteen experimenting with makeup like I was, I'm guessing you know what this feels like...(and if not, trust me).

4. If you get any mascara on your upper lids or under eye area when applying mascara let it dry! I know it's hard to leave it there when we are all tempted to rub it off, but it will most likely smear causing the makeup already applied there to need to be touched up. If you let it dry, you can easily flick it off with a Q-tip.

5. One of the easiest tricks to make your lash line look fuller doesn't involve mascara at all! Simply line your upper water line (that little watery rim under where your eyelashes are attached) with a black eyeliner. Careful though, because if you are not used to it, it can tickle and take some getting used to. 

I wish you much success on your quest for the perfect mascara, but in the mean time, I hope you enjoyed these tricks to getting the most out of those beautiful lashes you were already born with!

Have a beautiful day, 


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