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Dre Does Bold Lips 3 Ways

The number one request I get from friends is "teach me how to wear lipstick!" So I've got three ways for you to try this popular winter trend! Before attempting any of these looks however, make sure to apply a great conditioning lip balm. Check out my current favorites from yesterday to see which one I love! I always apply this before I start any makeup so that by the time I get to my lips, everything is absorbed and nourished.

First off we have lip gloss. I really like the Revlon ColorBurst Lipglosses to achieve this look because they give great pigmentation. They're a great transition product if you're not used to bold colors on your lips. 

If you don't want to full on commit to lipstick, I highly recommend the Revlon Lip Butters! They come in a huge range of shades and they are great for building intensity. Apply a thin amount for daytime and reapply at night with a few more layers, to achieve a more intense and bold look. They also won't dry your lips out, which is great for winter time! They have a balmy type finish. Two shades I really like are Raspberry Pie and Red Velvet.

Lastly, if you're ready to come over to the dark side, find a great lip liner and lipstick. I'm currently loving NYX lip liners and my Mac Retro Matte Finish lipsticks. Staying power is key when it comes to bold lips because bleeding and fading will be more noticeable, so matte finishes will help with this. However, they also can bring attention to dry or chapped areas, so make sure your lips are moisturizer and exfoliated before applying. Simply line your lips and fill them in with lip liner. Then apply your lipstick. Make sure to take your time with this so your lines are even and don't look messy. 

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As with any new makeup that you try on yourself, bold lips can be intimidating at first. Just because it may seem a little shocking when you look in a mirror the first time, doesn't mean it doesn't look good! Plus, if you love it who cares what anyone else thinks! Be brave and bold and have fun rocking a new look! 

Have a bold and beautiful day (no pun intended), 


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