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Dre Does a How-To: Bigger and Brighter Eyes

Do you get way less sleep than you should and have the resulting exhausted looking eyes when you wake up like me? Don't worry. Thanks to my third cup of joe I've compiled a list of tips on how to make your eyes look brighter and bigger and thus fooling everyone into thinking you've gotten enough shut eye! 

1. Highlight your inner tear duct. Do yourself a favor and get a nude colored pencil eyeliner now! I love this new one from NYX called the Wonder Pencil because it comes in concealer-type shades but is in a easy to apply form as a pencil eyeliner. This new best friend makes it super quick and easy to highlight the inner area of your eye. You'd be surprised how quickly this trick brightens and makes you look more awake. 

2. Highlight your bottom waterline. You can use the same nude pencil liner to line this area. Normally you would put a darker color here to define your bottom lash line, but applying a nude color will help open your eyes and make them look bigger. Some people like to use white for this, but I prefer nude because it's less harsh and more natural looking. 

3. Set your under eye concealer. If you want to keep those dark circles under your eyes hidden until bed time and avoid creasing, you must set your concealer. Make sure to use a good concealer in this area that brightens this area (try pinkish tones) and set it using a fluffy brush and a finely milled powder. I like the Sonia Kasuk Hidden Agenda palette because it comes with three concealer shades and one setting powder. I use this 'setting brush' by Real Techniques to set the powder and I love how it applies the powder! You want to make sure you use a fine powder so that you don't run the risk of it settling in any fine lines, making you look more tired.

4. Define your eyelids. One technique that I love for a really natural look is to define both the inner and outer areas of my lids and highlight the center of my lids. This makes your eyes look huge and gives them a really nice glowy appearance. In the picture below I've done my makeup this way and you can see how it enlarges my eyes and gives them that glow. You might be surprised when I say that all I used is two matte shadows to complete it. So it's an extremely quick and easy look. Come back tomorrow for a post on how exactly I created this look! 

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