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Dre Does a DIY: Recycling Candle Jars

If you're like me, you're probably stuck in this never ending winter cold. To keep your spirits up, you're probably burning a million candles in all sorts of spring related scents to help you remember that things such as flowers and fruits that require the sun do in fact still exist despite the desolate tundra outside. 

So what do you do with the plethora of used up candle jars once the yumminess of peach, lemon, and lilac is burned away? Find a new use for them of course! I'm going to explain how to remove the left over wax and such, and give you some ideas for using them in beauty related ways!

So what do you need? Used up candles, a sharp pointy knife, a freezer, soap and warm water, and whatever you're going to fill your new jars with!

1. First you have to freeze the old candles. At least an hour works, but I honestly just throw a bunch in and leave them over night, so they're good and frozen!
2. Once frozen, take a sharp knife and just press the pointy tip into the wax trying the crack it all the way to the bottom. Then you should be able to shake out all the broken pieces. 
3. If there's any leftover pieces you can pull them out with your fingers. Then pull out the little wicks that are glued to the bottom of the jars. If you can't get them out don't worry. Just move on to the next step of soaking.
4. Depending on the candle, you might be able to get away with running the glass jar under some hot water and the label could peel right off. If not, soaking it in hot soapy water for a little bit should loosen the glue. Now use the soap and water to wash the glass really well and remove all sticky residues.
5. That's it! Time to fill 'er up! 

Here's some ideas for you on how I like to fill mine up: 

Cotton rounds and Q-Tips by my bathroom sink

Makeup brushes on my vanity (it's good to have multiples for clean and dirty brushes or separating eye and face brushes)

Any makeup products that are better stored standing upright (should I be embarrassed to say these are just my lip stains and lip crayons...?)

Current favorite nail polishes or colors that inspire you for the current season

While these are just some of my favorites you can also use them to store bobby pins, hair ties, jewelry, tea bags, pens or other writing things, post it notes, random do-dads like safety pins or extra buttons, important little trinkets, beauty and perfume samples, etc...the list goes on and on!

The jars you get don't have to be plain either. Sometimes I find clearances candles that are in beautiful decorative jars. Even if I don't really love the scent, I'll still buy them with the intent of burning them up and using them later on for decorative purposes! 

As much as I love my candles, here's to hoping that we experience the scent of real flowers and plants soon!! :) If you do this let me know what you plan on using your old candle jars for! 

Have a beautiful day,


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