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Dre Does Dry Lip Quick Tips

If you live in the Midwest or anywhere else that's been getting ridiculous amounts of snow and cold weather your lips have probably seen better days. Don't worry though. I'm here with some quick tips on how to help get some moisture back into your pretty pout!

1. If you don't have a lip scrub on hand, when you're done brushing your teeth use the wet bristles of your toothbrush to gently exfoliate any dry skin off your lips. Exfoliation is key when your lips are chapped and dry. 

2. Before you start your makeup routine, apply a good conditioning lip balm so it can work on your lips while you're doing the rest of your makeup. I do this regardless of whether my lips are dry or not, but it's especially helpful on super dry lip days or days I want to wear matte lip products (which tend to exaggerate any dryness). 

3. Use that same good conditioning lip balm or even an oil, like the beautifying composition oil I posted about earlier this week (click here to see that post), to apply a nice thick layer every night before bed. It'll help give your lips a deep hydration while you're sleeping!

4. Keep a lip balm in your coat pocket so you can apply it before you step into the cold as a guard from cold air, wind, and all the other yuckiness found outside these days. However, make sure you remember to take them out of your pockets before you wash them! R.I.P. to the 25,672 lip balms I've accidentally killed in the washing machine and dryer...

5. Drink more water. Drink more water. Drink more water.

Now for my favorite lip products. My favorite lip balms for awhile now have been the Nivea Lip Butters that come in pan form, but I highly recommend Aveda's Beautifying Composition Oil. I've also been loving my Maybelline Color Elixirs for days when my lips are dryer but I want some color. What do you like to use when your lips are chapped and dry? 

Have a beautiful and more moisturized day,


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