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Dre Does Quick Tips for Looking Pulled Together in a Flash

Happy Monday friends! I'm back with more quick tips, except this week they're centered around how to look like you've spent more time getting ready than you really have. Whether your alarm doesn't go off, you hit snooze a few too many times, or plans change and have to be somewhere quickly, these are my tips on how to look pulled together in a pinch. 

1. Practice a makeup routine that's extremely quick and get good at it. This way you can repeat it quickly when you're in a hurry. For me it's foundation, concealer, and blush. I have my go-to products that always work for my skin and a neutral blush that matches everything. 

2. Find a bright lipstick that looks really good on you and get used to wearing it. I have my go-to red lipstick that I always keep in my purse. The key idea in these tips is to bring the focus to areas that you can amp up in a rush. Lips are huge for this because they bring the focus to your lip color which in the world of makeup are much quicker to apply than doing a dramatic smokey eye. So remember, bright lips = instant glam. 

3. Buy a pair of statement stud earrings. Earrings are such an easy and quick way to change your look. My go-to pair are neutral huge flowers so I can wear them with any outfit but they still pack a punch. Pair these with the bright lips and you will surely have brought the focus away from any areas you didn't have time to glam up. 

4. Go in your closet and find an outfit that makes you feel great. It's no secret to us women how amazing a good outfit can make you feel. So always have one on standby in your closet that you know will always fit right and make you look your best. This way no matter how rushed you are, you will have that guaranteed boost of confidence from knowing you already like your outfit. This ones huge and I always make sure to have a few ready incase I haven't done laundry but I recommend at least one! Whether it's a shirt in your favorite color or a dress that hugs your curves just right, you will look more pulled together in something you love.

5. Practice a hairstyle that's quick and easy like a sock bun. Having a go-to hairstyle is key when you're in a rush incase you don't have time to shower and re-do your hair. I personally love a good top knot or sock bun, but whatever works for your hair length and style, practice it! Your hair is key in making you look pulled together (unless you're one of those blessed people who can rock messy hair without looking like a homeless person...in which I say props to you!)

As you can tell, the general theme is to brainstorm and practice ideas beforehand and also use bright colors or statement pieces to bring the focus away from areas you don't have time to do in a rush. Do you have any tips for getting ready in a pinch? Leave a comment below and let me know what helps you!

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