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Dre Does How To Conceal Between Brow Waxes

There could be multiple reasons why your brows aren't perfectly tweezed and shaped. You could be growing out a bad wax job or simply haven't found the time to visit your favorite esthetician yet (wink wink). Regardless of the reason, sometimes we just need tricks to help us look more put together when we simply do not have enough time. Today's trick works best on those extra stray hairs that we are always waxing away. Do yourself a favor and go buy a concealer stick/pencil. My current favorite is by Covergirl Tru Blend and it's readily available and cheap. You are just going to apply this concealer right in the areas where you need waxing. You want to be light handed because if you apply too much it can start to get obvious that you are trying to hide something. The pencil shape makes it easy to apply along the curve of your brow. Now the key to this is to use concealer because it is completely shimmer-free. You may be thinking why can't I just use a highlighting pencil that's specifically designed to be placed under the brow. The problem is that these will sometimes contain shimmer or shine which is great for highlighting when you are smooth and just waxed. However, shimmer and shine emphasize texture so if you're covering baby hairs you're going to attract attention to them. So a semi-matte concealer is going to be your best bet! This trick isn't going to make you look like you just got your brows done, but it will help get you by an extra few days until you can get them taken care of! 

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