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Dre Does a Quick Tip to Save Your Feet

You know when you get suckered into buying a pair of heels because they are such a good deal but they are just slightly too small and rub? Well I might have recently done this because I spotted some clearance black beauties at DSW. They were classic black suede stilettos that I knew I would get a lot of wear out of so I happily brought them to the register. However, they were slightly too small and rubbed near my toes. I figured I would just wear them around my apartment and break them in for awhile to stretch them out. Then after having a conversation with one of my coworkers, she mentioned a trick that I have to share because it works so well! (The perks of working in the beauty industry with other women...We are all full of tricks!) She told me to put on two pairs of really bulky and dense socks and then put my shoes on and blow dry the tight areas for 30 minutes. I tried it and it absolutely works! It stretched the heels so perfectly and they even conformed to the shape of my toe area better so they don't hurt and rub! I even cheated and didn't do the full 30 minutes and it still worked great. I'm guessing depending on the material of the show you might have to do it a little longer. 

I hope this helps! What weird fashion tricks do you know? Leave me a comment below and I might feature you in an upcoming post!

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