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Dre Does an Update

May has been the absolute craziest and most wonderful month yet this year. With that being said I feel like I owe you guys an update on my life and what 'Dre has actually been doing' besides blogging...haha so here it goes! We're going to keep it short and sweet!

Within the last 4 to 5 weeks I have:
-moved apartments!
-taken my boards and become a licensed esthetician!
-turned 24!
-been out of town every weekend for either work, visiting family, celebrating my birthday, or visiting friends in Chicago!
-started working at a new job at a wonderful spa with people I love!
-apartment/house hunted for my move in July (luckily I found it!)
-searched, interviewed, and accepted a second job as a part time nanny in the area I'll be moving to!

While all of these things have been keeping my life hectic and insane I wouldn't have changed a thing because I've been having a blast and enjoying this huge change in my life that is to come! I'm excited to move to a new place with new people and adventures to be had. 

Dre will now start doing what she loves and get back to blogging ;) Feel free to leave any suggestions as to what that should entail!

Have a beautiful day,


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