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Dre Does a DIY: T-Shirt Dress

Here is the other DIY that I have brought over from my previous blog because of the popularity (as you will probably be able to tell, these are the original pictures...haha). I can't even tell you how many of these my friends and I made and wore throughout college for various events. You can use it to cheer on your favorite sports team, celebrate your favorite holiday (This would be a perfect 4th of July Beach cover up), or even a concert outfit!

Four years ago when I was preparing for the World Cup, I came across a T shirt with the Brazilian Flag across it and seeing as I'm a Brazilian I needed to own it. However, the problem was that the only shirt left was an XL and there was no way it was going to fit me. I bought it anyways with the idea that I would some how cut or pin it to make it work. When I got it home I thought I would just chop off the collar and wear it as an over sized, off the shoulder shirt. Then I accidentally cut too much off and realized it wasn't going to work. Too stubborn to admit defeat, I started playing with it until I came up with the design below. It works great for any basic unisex tshirts. I normally wear a small or medium size, so if I want to make a shirt I would use a Large and if I want to make a dress, an XL. Below I've shown step by step directions on how to create your own DIY dress or shirt and provided two other pictures of times I've made them, including the original Brazilian Flag Dress! I hope you enjoy this and find a new use for an oversized T shirt that you might not have ever worn!

Step 1: After laying the T shirt flat, cut it along the bottoms of the sleeves. Also make one huge cut from the top of one sleeve, across the chest (under the collar) and across the top of the other sleeve. So basically cut everywhere you see red above!

Step 2: This is what it should look like. Notice how I wasn't too neat cutting the top? No worries! If you stretch the T shirt from shoulder to shoulder, the edge will roll over, creating a smooth looking 'faux-hem'.

Step 3: That's it for cutting! All you have to do is tie it on now! To do so, step into the shirt. As you can see I'm holding the front of each sleeve in my hands and the back portion is what has fallen to the sides and is behind me.

Step 4: Twist the sleeves and bring them to the back and tie them in a double knot. (Sorry for the exposure of my bra! haha)

Step 5: Hold the back portions of the sleeves that were falling to the side before.

Step 6: Twist the sleeves towards your body.

Step 7: Once twisted, tie them in a double knot and tuck the ends into the dress

Step 8: Adjust the back so everything is covered!

This is the finished product! I hope you enjoyed this! It's quick and easy and a great way to show spirit without wearing a typical T shirt like everyone else. Below are two of the other dresses/shirts that I have made, one for a concert when I was in college and the other is the original Brazilian flag dress that inspired this whole design!

I hope you enjoyed this DIY! If you make your own to cheer on your favorite sports team, celebrate the 4th of July, or something else just as fun, be sure to tag me on Instragram with #dredoes! 

Have a beautiful day,


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