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Dre Does an Influenster Go VoxBox Review

So you might be wondering what that little Influenster Button is on the side of my blog. Let me tell you a little bit about Influenster before I get into the amaaaaazing products they sent me to try out. Influenster is an online community of reviews basically. As a member I can review products I already own that I love, take surveys on products I've tried, and share all of my lovely opinions on various types of social media. Depending on how involved with the site you are (they have a point scale to determine this), what your interests are and what your expertise is in, you can qualify for various VoxBoxes that they send out from different brands. Beauty, health related, food, etc...the diversity of products they have on the site is awesome! As a blogger I naturally like sharing my opinion on products I like and dislike, so I obviously I quickly got addicted to the site. One day, I got an email saying I might qualify to receive a free VoxBox so they asked me to take a quick survey, and said I would be notified if I was chosen to receive some free products. I ended up qualifying and here we are with a review of the Go VoxBox.

Below is a picture of all of the products I received (Disclaimer: while yes I did receive all of these items for free, all of these opinions are my own and Influenster does not require you to blog about it or say how awesome everything is. 100% honesty on my blog ONLY)

From left to right, starting on top we have: the Vitamin Shoppe Next Step Shaker with the little Jaxx mixer, 3 sample packets of The Vitamin Shoppe Next Step Fit N' Full Shake, Aqua Spa relax Body Creme in Lavender + Camomile, the ProFoot Pedi-Rock, Playtex Sport Tampons, a coupon for a free Müller yogurt, Blue Diamond Blueberry Flavored roasted almonds, the ProFoot Triad Othotic shoe inserts, and lastly a coupon for $5 off my purchase at the Vitamin Shoppe until the end of May.

The Vitamin Shoppe Next Step Shaker and 3 Sample Packets of Fit N' Full Shake: I was really excited to see these come in the Go VoxBox because I'm always looking at different types of protein supplements. I've never tried anything from The Vitamin Shoppe so I was excited to be introduced to the brand. I love the shaker first off with the little Jaxx Mixer because it really doesn't make it so easy to shake up and dissolve the protein shake so you don't have any gross clumps of powder in your drink. I received the flavors Swiss Chocolate, French Vanilla, and Fresh Berries and while they were all great, chocolate will usually always win for me.  With 14g of protein per serving and only 1g of sugar, these shakes are meant to be used as a meal replacement to curb hunger and cravings. They do however contain milk, soy, and wheat so warning to those who avoid those ingredients. All you do is add them to shaker with 8 fl oz. of cold water and shake it up! I tried them out as meals every time and I have to say they really did leave me feeling satisfied. I really think I'll look into buying some of these next time I'm looking for protein. You can get a 16 serving tub of the powder mix online at www.vitaminshoppe.com for $24.99 or buy a 14-pack of individual packets for the same price. Overall opinion: HUGE thumbs up on this yummy product.

Aqua Spa relax Body Creme in Lavender Camomile: Aqua Spa is another brand I had never heard of so I was interested to receive this parabens free body creme. First off, it smells wonderful and it's texture is nice and smooth. On their website, Aqua Spa claims that this body creme is "formulated to help stimulate cell renewal, enhance skin elasticity, strengthen skin, boost collagen, and keep skin hydrated" with the addition of the Marina Youth Complex. It also calms and relaxes with the wonderful aroma. While it's too soon to tell if it's actually boosting my cell renewal rate and collagen, it is nice and hydrating and calming so I like using it. This full size of 12 oz. retails for $9.99 on their website at www.aquaspabath.com (I received a generous 9 oz. size).

ProFoot Pedi-Rock: I am a very active person and with that comes calluses on the bottoms of my feet. I am obsessed with this product. My two favorite aspects of the Pedi-Rock are the shape and that you can use it dry. I love the shape of the rock because you can easily grip it to use it on your calluses. It can sometimes be tricky to hold pummus stones and use them on your feet, however the shape of the Pedi-Rock makes it really easy to control. I also love that you can use it wet or dry. While obviously it's better to soak you feet to soften the calluses, sometimes it's awkward to reach your feet and not fall over in the shower. Plus if I forget to do it in the shower and remember I'm going to be wearing sandals or heels where my feet will be seen, it's nice not having to jump back in the shower to get rid of those calluses. While you can't buy directly from the ProFoot website there are links to places you can the Pedi-Rock. I found it on Amazon for $14.99.

Playtex Sport Tampons: While most women probably have a good idea of what tampons they prefer, it's always nice trying out something new that I know I have to use. I've never generally tried any kind of Playtex tampons surprisingly. I always stick to either Tampax Pearl or U by Kotex and generally base it on which one is on sale at the moment I need them. I have to say I will probably add these tampons to the mix of comparison next time I'm at the grocery store because as far as tampons go I only require two things; they get the job done as hygienically and freshly as possible and they have plastic applicators. So these tampons did that and are good. The pack of 18 retails for about $7 depending on where you buy them. Also sorry if you're a guy reading this. Ew. Periods. Gross. Deal with it.

The Müller Coupon: I love Müller yogurt already so I was really excited to see this coupon for a free yogurt! They have really great flavors and mixes of greek yogurt so I highly suggest going to your grocery store and checking them out! I especially like the one with the mix in almonds!

Blue Diamond Blueberry Almond Sample Pack: I've always loved almonds and when cocoa roasted almonds came out I was all over those. When I opened up the VoxBox to find Blueberry flavored almonds I was really excited because I didn't know such a thing existed! They were so delicious and I will definitely be looking for them the next time I go grocery shopping. I got this convenient little sample pack that is perfect for snacking but I like that you can purchase them in a larger bag as well if you don't want snack packs! They also have strawberry and raspberry flavors so I'm interested in trying them all. These almonds make a great snack between meals because they have protein and fiber while only having 6g of sugar and being very low sodium as well. I highly recommend checking these out. I could only find these on amazon.com and they were $8.99 for the larger 4 oz. bag or about $16 for a pack of 12 of the snack packs.

ProFoot Triad Orthotic Shoe Inserts: As soon as I came across these in the VoxBox I ripped the packaging open and placed them into my work shoes. They are awesome and really comfortable. I like that they are squishy and can fit multiple sizes of shoes. They claim to improve not only the pain in your feet, but also in your legs, knees, and back. While I don't have leg or knee pain, I do think that these helped sooth some of my back pain when I was at work. I'm going to continue to wear them and let you know how it goes! Once again you can't purchase directly from the ProFoot website but I found them on Walgreen's website for $10.99.

Let me know if you enjoyed this type of a review and if you've tried any of these products before! Also be sure to check out Influenster yourself and get involved!

Have a beautiful day,


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