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Dre Does an Announcement!!

I'm here with a quick post to announce that I have just started working as an Arch Expert & Makeup Artist for Benefit Cosmetics!! I'm really excited for this new opportunity that I have been given with two companies that I have loved for years; Benefit Cosmetics and ULTA Beauty!! Unfortunately the spa I worked at had to close it's doors suddenly, so I am extremely grateful to move on to bigger and better things! Throughout life we are handed challenges that can cause a bit of a struggle. But with some reevaluation and strength we can always move on and get through them. Don't be afraid when something like this happens. I heard someone talking last week about how when something hard comes along it's adding to your story. When you look back years from now, it's the rough patches that will make your success story that much greater! So keep on fighting for your dream because it will be that much more worth it in the end when you've achieved what you want! 

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