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Dre Does July Favorites

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I never really realize how fast the months go by until I do my favorites posts. I feel like yesterday was the 4th of July! As usual my month was really busy, getting used to a new job and dealing with a severe allergic reaction to something so while I didn't try that many new products out, I have been loving some good ones! So let's recap the items I've been obsessed with this month! 

1. Browzings by Benefit Cosmetics: I have been using this product nonstop since I started working as a Benefit Arch Expert. I use it on every guest to map their brows for waxing, but also use it daily on my brows. I love that it comes with both a tinted wax and powder. I use a quick tap of them both together to fill and define my brows. The wax helps hold brow hairs in place and also makes the powder adhere better. It gives a very natural, yet defined look that I love!

2. Revlon Colorstay Foundation: I hadn't tried this foundation until June but I'm obsessed. It really does last all day and I love that it comes in two formulas (one for drier skin types and the other for combo/oily skin types). I really like mixing it with other foundations to give a long lasting flawless finish to my skin. 

3. Tarte Amazonian Full Coverage 12-HR Foundation: This foundation is a holy grail product as well. I'm not sure if I've ever mentioned it before, but I love the texture. It's a mousy one that gives a liquid to powder feeling to the skin. It's buildable from medium to full coverage and for oily skin it's a dream! When you rub it in, it really feels like nothing on the skin! It's no secret that I have a love affair for tarte cosmetics so if you're oily and wanting to try out a new higher end foundation, go give it a look!

4. Benefit's They're Real PushUp Liner: I know that this new product from Benefit has been getting mixed reviews but I truly love it. I have a very hard time finding a liner with an applicator that I love but this one is amazing! One unique feature that I love is that you control the amount of product you use by clicking it up at the bottom. If you're comfortable with liquid and gel liners I definitely think you should try this one. I can apply a big dramatic winged liner in the morning before work and know that when I get home 10 hours later it will look the exact same as when I left. I love the matte finish too. It looks very natural. I love to show guests how using the flat and wide applicator you can create a "no eyeliner, eyeliner" look to make your lash line look fuller. Comment below if you'd like to see how I accomplish this!

5. White Straw Tribal Clutch from LOFT: I hate to include things you can no longer find but I like the idea behind this bag so I had to include it. I bought this at LOFT probably about 2 or 3 summers ago because I loved it. It was neutral and summery, but could fit a lot. The tribal print trend has been going for awhile but I thought this was a more subtle way to incorporate it into my wardrobe because it wasn't as flashy. I can't even begin to tell you how much I use this bag. It pairs with everything in the summer and gives an interesting texture to outfits and can be paired with black and white or even bright colors! If you find something you love and you can picture using in multiple ways, I say always get it. 

6. Essie quick-e Drying Drops: I can't do my nails without these drops anymore. Half the time I skip out on doing my nails because I don't have time to sit around and wait for them to dry. Not anymore! Just use the little dropper to apply a 1 to 2 little drops per nail and you're polish will be dry in no time! I love them and highly recommend them to all nail polish junkies or women on the go!

7. Cargo Swimmables Water Resistant Bronzer: I bought this bronzer because the ULTA I work at is no longer carrying Cargo Cosmetics so it was ridiculously discounted. I actually bought 12 other products too for a steal so look for a review on all of that soon! Luckily you can still buy the products on Cargo's website so when I fell in love with this bronzer I had to share. While I haven't gone swimming with it on because I'm not a fan of wearing makeup in the water, I do find it has great lasting power all day! The tone is really nice, a little warmer then I like to use for contouring but since it has shimmer I use it to give my face more of a glow anyways! It's also very smooth and blendable.

What were you loving this month? Leave a comment and let me know! I'm always down to try new things :) Hope your July was fantastic and happy August!

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