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Dre Does A Necklace Trick

If you know me at all, you know that my brain is constantly going. I'm always thinking of new things and am a bit crazy at times but it just fuels my creative side...right...? Haha anyways I have this one area on my counter where I always throw my jewelry when I'm taking it off at night and too lazy to put it where it goes. Well one morning after I did this I noticed that my necklace was flipped over and the back of it looked like a completely different necklace but still looked good...? (Now you understand the crazy brain reference). Well this got me thinking. Geometric necklaces and shapes are huge right now in the statement necklace world, so I wonder what would happen if I just wore my necklaces turned around... Turns out they look pretty cute! I really like how I can have a huge statement with the normal patterned side of the necklace, but if I want to I can just flip it over and have a more subtle gold necklace that is still the same shape as the original necklace. So I recommend going through your statement necklaces. You might be surprised what you find! I've been honestly wearing my necklaces more on the plain gold sides instead of the original sides.

Here are some examples of the two necklaces I have been doing this most with!

Don't be afraid to look at jewelry, fashion, makeup, anything with an open mind. There are no rules and the only person who has to like what you're wearing is you! If you want to rock necklaces backwards do it! 

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