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Dre Does a Stila 'In the Know' and 'In the Moment' Review

So on Friday I mentioned that I bought two Stila Eyeshadow palettes for half price thanks to Ulta's 21 Days of Beauty event going on now until the 27th of September. All of these palettes retail for $39 but last Thursday they were only $20 each! The 'In the Light' palette is probably the most well known of this bunch, but since the shades reminded me a lot of the original Naked palette that I already own, I decided to be rational and only get the two palettes...(that's rational right? Haha). The 'In the Garden' palette is also a part of this little Stila palette family but the Ulta I work at was out of them before the beauty steal began.

I knew I wanted the 'In the Know' palette for sure because it has some really warm and really cool tones that are all matte. I love the texture of these shadows and that they blend really easily. While there is a little fallout with them, I don't find these shadows chalky at all which is great! You can see in the swatches below some of the unique shades that it offers. I knew it would be a good one to have in my kit. 

The swatches below are in the exact same order as they are in the palette and the smudge stick in Halfmoon is that swatch on the end!  I love the slate cool toned shade of the smudge stick. I think it really complements the palette and it's a unique color that I didn't already own.

While both palettes do come with an eight page look book for inspiration, I wanted to play with the colors before I looked at it. I created the look below for work last week the day after I bought these palettes and I love how it turned out. It's a warm and deep neutral look that I love for fall! I used Desert on my lid and Wind on my brow bone. Then I slowly worked at darkening my crease, inner corner and outer corner by first going in with a fluffy brush and Clay. Then I used Fire (the shade I'm most excited about in this palette) and Earth. I love how the extra warmth from Fire really changes the overall look. 

Next up we have the 'In the Moment' palette! As a woman with big brown eyes I'm always looking for beautiful purple shades because they make my eyes pop! I love the shades in this palette because when half the shades are neutral, it gives you the ability to make the look more wearable without having to use another palette! I have to be able to create a whole look with a palette in order for me to buy it so I love that I can with this one. 

This palette has a good mix of satin, matte, and shimmery finishes. The satin shades are my favorite because the texture is so buttery. While the shades are soft like the other palette and do create a little fallout, I don't think it's that bad and I like working with them. 

Once again the shades are swatched the same as in the palette and the smudge stick in Tetra is on the end! This smudge stick is so beautiful because it is pretty dark with some purple shimmer. It's not too colorful for everyday wear and adds a nice pop of color when the light hits it right. 

I have yet to create a look with this palette but I will make sure to do one soon and share in a Looks of the Week post for you all! I hope you enjoyed this review! 

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