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Dre Does Fall Fashion Essentials

I love fall. The food, the weather, and football are awesome, but I have to say that the makeup and the fashion are my favorite parts about it. So I've decided to share my favorites in both categories in two separate posts. First up is fashion! 

1. Cream Sweaters: I don't really know what it is about cream but I can't get enough slouchy and comfy sweaters in this shade for fall. I currently own at least five and I love them all. I think they help offset all the black and darker colors I love this time of year, while still staying neutral. It's hard to pull off creams and nudes like this as our skin says bye to the summer glow and lightens up, but I think my dark features help me out. I love layering these as the days get chillier and I certainly wear them into the winter months. 

2. Leather Jacket: It doesn't take reading my blog to realize that a leather jacket is a vital fall staple. I feel like fall fashion leans to the edgier side and a good leather jacket can add some instant edge to any girlier look. They're good for throwing over dresses, skinny jeans, etc, and helping us transition those summer outfits into fall weather appropriate looks! I got mine at Forever 21 a few years ago and it's still going strong, so don't think you have to spend hundreds on a genuine leather piece to pull off this look.

3. Simple Basic T's: I love basic T's for fall because they are great for layering. Weather it's under sweaters, jackets, scarves...whatever, t shirts help us in the layering department. If you live anywhere near the Midwest you know how it can be 40 degrees in the morning when you're getting dressed and then suddenly feel like 80 by the time afternoon hits. Bipolar weather is only survived by utilizing layers my friends so always stock up on good basic t shirts. 

4. Military Inspired Jakcet: My army green jacket is from last fall at The Gap and I'm obsessed with it. While mine doesn't have a hood like this one, it does cinch in the waist which I love. Sometimes with layers, things can get a little bulky and your shape can get lost beneath, so jackets with cinched waists are always your friend! I love how army green is relatively neutral, so I mix it with blacks, nudes, and grays for fall and love the outcome! I always love using a scarf with a pop of color with this jacket because it's a bit unexpected. 

5. Infinity Scarves: If you don't own at least one infinity scarf by now I'm not really sure how you managed it but I'm obsessed. I love how effortless and easy they are to throw on and not only keep you warm, but also keep you looking stylish. While dark fall colors like black and burgundy are fun, I like wearing ones with bright colors to accessorize my outfits since I already wear so much black. 

6. Ankle Boots: I was hesitant last year to pick up a pair of ankle boots because I feared they would make my legs look shorter but I've never gotten so much use out of a pair of shoes! Mine have buckles and a zipper, but they seriously look amazing with everything! Skinny jeans, dresses, skirts...you name it!

7. Crossbody bags: I don't know what it is about fall but I hate actually holding onto a purse, so crossbody bags save me. I love neutrals (shocker I know...haha) because once again they go with my favorite fall wardrobe colors. I have been liking the mid sized crossbody bags more as opposed to the really little ones, because I find as I'm getting older, I need more room for things.

8. Black Skinny Jeans: I love good old fashioned dark washed skinny jeans, but there's something about black that I love for fall and winter. They make my legs look the best and match everything I have in my wardrobe. 

What are your favorites for fall? Let me know below and look for my Fall Makeup Essentials coming later this week! 

Have a beautiful week,


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