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Dre Does a Tarte Chic to Cheek Collection Review

Happy Saturday morning friends! If you've been reading my blog for awhile you know that I am a huge tarte cosmetics fan! I love that their products are formulated with Parabens, mineral oil, and a lot of the other chemicals you find in makeup. I have multiple holy grail items from this company, one of them being their Amazonian Clay 12 Hr Blushes. Every year I get so excited for them to debut their holiday collections. It used to be mainly for the Lip Surgence lip crayons but now I'm a sucker for the wonderful blush sets they do for the holidays. Last year they did a set of three mini blushes plus a brush which I was obsessed with so I was dying to see what they would bring to the table this holiday season with their Sweet Dreams Holiday Collection. 

This year they brought out the Chic to Cheek blush set of 4 mini blushes. I'm happy they ditched the brush and did a fourth blush instead because I have enough brushes but clearly not enough shades of these blushes...haha 

L to R: Classic, Prim, Amour, and Daydream.
The set is only $35 at Ulta and includes amour (rosy pink), classic (candy pink), prim (soft apricot pink), and daydream (plum nude). While I agree with the descriptions of amour and daydream, I feel like classic is much more of an apricot shade than prim. Regardless, I feel like all four shades are different enough that this set is worth it. They are all matte except for amour which has a slight bit of shimmer in it, but nothing too crazy or intense. The pigmentation and wearing power of these blushes is just like the original full size blushes and if you like blush variety I highly suggest these. If you've never tried out the Amazonian Blushes at all, this is a great chance to do so! Hurry though, because they're going fast at the store I work at! 

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