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Dre Does A MAC Haul

So I'm back and here with a MAC Haul which was technically purchased a few days before the end of 2914. The only reason I'm telling you this is because I have decided to go on a 100 day No Buy, that started on January 1st. So far I'm 12 days in and have been successful so here's to hoping I can make it until April! I encourage you to join me! I am only buying necessities in all aspects of life, not just beauty. Obviously if I run out of my mascara I can go buy another but no trying new things until the 100 days are up! Wish me luck because it's already painful and it's only week 2...

Back to the MAC Haul. I wanted to share it because I can't stop using these products since I bought them. Two were repurchases but the other three were new to me and I'm obsessed.

If you've been reading my blog for a while you know that my absolute holy grail undereye concealer is the MAC Pro Longwear Concealer and I was out of my winter shade (NC20) so I picked it up. I like the slight yellow tone to correct the purpleness of my dark circles. I also had to pick up a new tube of All Fired Up because it decided to go swimming with a load of my laundry and it's a must have color for me. I always get complimented on it when I wear it so it never fails me in completing my look. I love how it's the perfect mix between red and pink without being too bright. It's a retro matte finish like the cult classic Ruby Woo, which I love so go swatch it sometime and you'll see what I mean. Now I've been digging nudes of brown and mauve recently so after swatching Spice, Cosmo, and Kinda Sexy, I knew I had to take them all home. I love the amplified finish of Cosmo and I wear it at least a few days a week right now. I also love how Spice can add a brown tone to any lipstick if you put it on underneath.

I'm going to be doing a makeup look soon for you, showing you what I've been doing almost every day for the past few months, but you can probably guess that Cosmo, Spice, and Kinda Sexy will be involved in it. 

Let me know if you have any requests or ideas for me to conquer in the next couple of weeks! 

Have a beautiful day, 


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