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Dre Does Top 5 Brow Tips

So you probably know by now that I am an Arch Expert for Benefit Cosmetics. 95% of my job is either waxing and shaping brows or helping women (and men too) learn how to fill them in. With that being said, I've seen a lot of brows and fixed a lot of them. I absolutely love brows and think they are the most important thing about your face. 

If you want to look more put together without looking like you're wearing more makeup, give some attention to your brows. They frame your face and when done right, can be the thing that makes you look so much better that people can't quite put their fingers on. So I bring you my Top 5 a Brow Tips; the things that are crucial and most important when filling, waxing, etc.

1. Grow them out! If you are unhappy with the way your brows look you need to grow them out. I'm talking at least a month of no touching, tweezing, or anything! Even on that hair that you're positive would get removed anyways! You can't expect your esthetician, hairstylist or who ever does your brows, to change much, if you look like you just had them cleaned up. 

2. Go to a professional and get them waxed. If able, go to a Benefit Brow Bar in your area because you will not be sorry. The Benefit Brow wax is an experience; you get to know what your brows will look like before we remove the hair, we conceal you so you aren't red, and most importantly, we can teach you how to fill them in CORRECTLY! Now I'm not just saying this because I wax brows for a living but because I have never met a pair of brows that I can't help. Even if you think there is no hope for your brows and there is nothing to wax, go talk to an Arch Expert at least. Even if you need to fill them in to look like you have something, let us do the hard work by shaping your brows so you have the perfect blueprint to fill them in! It will make your life easier!

3. Bring inspiration. If you like a certain shape or arch bring a picture in. The biggest difficulty when it comes to brows is miscommunication. Clean up to you may mean something completely different and extremely thin to the person doing your brows. 

4. Look at the brows of the person doing yours! I can't emphasize this enough. The amount of women that have told me they shouldn't have had the last person who did their brows, do them because of the look of their own brows is crazy! If you don't like what they do with their own brows, don't trust them with yours! As an esthetician my brows are my biggest billboard and advertisement. Women have told me the first time that I do their brows that they trust me more because of how they like my brows. So don't let anyone touch your brows that you don't want to! Be observant. 

5. Fill them in. So many women are terrified to fill them in because they don't want to look like their grandma who uses a red pencil to draw thick lines where their brows used to be. Brow products have come a long way. There's new techniques and tools to help you. I personally haven't touched a brow pencil in a very long time because I prefer gels and wax/powder duos, so find what works best for you. Also accept that you may never have the fullest and thickest brows in the world. Yes, there are things to help them look fuller than they are naturally, but sometimes you have to sacrifice fullness if you want them to still look natural. 

I hope you enjoyed these tips! Let me know if you'd like to see my brow routine and how I fill in my brows both on natural and full makeup days! 

Have a beautiful day, 


*This tips and views are completely my own opinion and don't represent Benefit or Ulta. 

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