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Dre Does 3 New Ways to Tie your Bikini

It's no secret that bathing suits with interesting backs have been a trend for awhile now. Everywhere you look they have extra straps or cool criss-crossed details. Whether you can't afford to buy a new bikini top every time there's a new trend, or (like in my case) you need to be able to adjust and tighten the sizing to support the front, I've got you covered! I'm here just in time for the 4th of July, to show you three new ways to tie your basic bikini so it can look unique in the back! 
This first tie, is how my family always tied their bikinis and what inspired me to make this post. Start by tying the bottom tie how you would normally around your back. Then tie each top strap on that base tie like a bra strap. I always tie double or triple knots and make sure everything is extra tight to guarantee nothing is going anywhere! 
Next we have something similar as above except instead of tying the straps straight back, cross them and tie them to the opposite side. You will also want to tie that bottom tie around your back first like the last tie.
This is my personal favorite tie because I think it looks the coolest. However, if I'm being honest, it's best for those with a smaller chest because it doesn't really offer much support. Just criss-cross your upper straps behind your neck and tie one bottom strap with the opposite upper strap, on both sides. You may have to readjust and re-tie a few times to get the correct tightness. 

I hope you enjoyed this post and discovered a cute new way to tie your bikini this summer! Have a wonderful 4th of July weekend!! 


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