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Dre Does Skincare Tips for the Active Woman

It's no secret that living an active lifestyle means you probably spend a portion of your day sweating. This can lead to breakouts, excessive oilliness, etc., so I've decided to share with you some tips on how I keep my skin clean and reduce my likelihood of breaking out. 

1. WASH YOUR FACE: I always head to the gym with a clean face which also means that I never wear makeup. I personally hate the feeling of makeup on my skin when I'm hot and sweaty in the gym so instead I do my usual morning skincare routine (since I normally workout every morning) and make sure to use a mattifying moisturizer to help combat some of the excessive oiliness. 

2. HEADBANDS ARE YOUR FRIEND: I like to wear a headband always when I'm working out. Not only does it help keep flyaways out of my face but it catches some sweat from dripping on my forehead. If you use hair products they can travel down your face and potentially clog your pores, so I like to prevent some of that with headbands (This also works well if you have bangs that could spread sweat and bacteria while working out). My favorite are the kinds with the rubber grips on the inside so that they don't move anywhere. 

3. BLOT YOUR FACE: While working out, I like to use papertowels to blot the excessive sweat from my face so that it stays clean. My gym luckily has a paper towel dispenser so I use those to get rid of sweat so that I don't have to touch it with my hands. Think of all the bacteria that your hands are touching from the machines to the weights. It's much better for your skin to use something disposable that you won't keep reusing like your hands or your shirt. 

4. KEEP YOUR GYMBAG STOCKED: I like to make sure to keep my gym bag stocked with some necessities to make sure I can always keep my face clean. It's crucial to have cleansing wipes because if you don't have time to immediately hop in the shower or wash your face again, you can at least clean your face quickly and remove sweat and impurities. Also if you're someone who gets excessively oily, I recommend keeping oil blotting sheets on hand to mattify your skin on the go. 

5. DON'T TOUCH YOUR FACE: This may seem a little obvious but some of us need to consciously think about it to stop doing it. Our hands carry so much bacteria around as we go from machine to machine at the gym, so make sure to keep your hands off of your skin. This is a tip for anyone trying to reduce breakouts, but it's expecially crucial when you're sweaty and in the gym.

6. DRINK WATER: Always make sure you rehydrate your body after working out. It's important for your skin's health to drink plenty every day but it's even more important when you workout because you are sweating so much. 

I hope these tips help you maintain cleaner skin while being active. Remember, your skin is your body's largest organ so while it's important to be active and healthy, we can't forget to take care of our skin as well! 

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