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Dre Does an Update

I'm here! I'm here! I promise. I'm back with an update because it doesn't feel right starting back up again after a month and not giving you some sort of explanation.

Long story short, I've been extremely busy working. Whether it has been doing makeup for weddings or being at the spa, I have been immersing myself in all things beauty. The spa that I work at (Remedi Spa and Wellness) is completely up and running which has been amazing, but it also means my hours have been unpredictable and extended (not that I mind completely devoting myself to something I believe so much in!)

With that being said, as days start to normalize, I'd like to get back in my habit of posting content for all of you beautiful people who love it and support me so amazingly. If you have ideas or requests, email me at andreafontanabeauty@gmail.com or leave a comment below.

If you'd like to come see me at the spa please feel free to visit remedispaandwellness.com for information on where to call and book an appointment and location! I do all sorts of services as a licensed esthetician that include facials, body treatments, brows waxing, full facial and body waxing, makeup, spray tans, and much more!

A little while ago I went back to using just one Instagram for both my life and Dre Does so feel free to click here and follow me to stay updated with every day things!

Have a beautiful weekend,


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