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Dre Does a 5 Minute Fall Transformation

I wanted to create a really simple look that only required a few extra minutes added onto your normal face routine to be fall ready. The focus of any quick look for me will always be my lips because it is the quickest way to add drama and let's be real...fall is all about the drama on the lips. 

When I think of fall makeup I think of warm earth tones; oranges, reds, plums, berries. All of these shades work really well with trying to extend your summer bronze and still look ready for the fall season. Below you'll see that I did my normal face routine (let me know if you want to see exactly what that looks like recently), and then used ONE eyeshadow and ONE lip product to transform my look.

For my eyes I simply applied my normal primer (Benefit's Stay Don't Stray in Light/Medium) and then packed MAC Cosmetics' Amber Lights onto the lid. It's a beautiful metallic orangey bronze color that compliments the warmth of fall so well. The thing that I love about metallic colors like this is that if you just buff out the edges with a blending brush, you look like you have a complete look because the metallic sheen giving so much dimension on your lid. Apply your mascara and you're done!

For the lips I used one of my favorite products ever; the Lorac Pro Matte Lip Color in Merlot. These lipsticks are amazing because they go on so smoothly, are so pigmented, don't require a liner to stay put, and they last forever. I love how this deep shade screams fall. 

There you have it! I took a really basic look from natural to dramatic with the use of only two products. I highly suggest you go through your collection and find duos like this that work well together and take note of them. This way when you're running late in the morning or at night, you can quickly amp up your look in no time at all. You could even wear just the shadow for work and add the lips just in time for happy hour with your friends!

Let me know if you find any great combos! 

Have a beautiful day,


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