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I don't know about you but I'm really picky when it comes to the hair ties and headbands I wear when I'm working out. I hate when my hair feels like it's falling out or loose, so I'm always searching for functional yet pretty ones. I am happy to report that I have found a few hair accessories that have lived up to my expectation and I'm here to share them all with you!

First up we have hair ties. I have to always have a hairtie on my writst because when I'm at the spa, I need to be able to tie my hair back at a moment's notice. However, I'm usually dressed up and I don't like the look of classic hairties. I got a coupon for the scunci Everyday & Active 3X Braided Elastics (around $2.99) so I decided to try them out. I am obsessed! They look like a cute braided bracelet on your wrist, but have amazing stretch and really grip the hair well. I only need one of these to keep my hair in place during even the most intense workout. I got my pack of 6 black braided elastics at Target but I've seen them at other grocery stores too! They also come in a multi color pack which I will probably pick up next!

Next, I found two headbands also from scunci that I really love. Both have rubber grips sewn into the undersides so they always stay put no matter how much I'm moving when I'm working out. The first is the No-Slip Grip Braided Headwrap (around $5.99) and I can't get enough of. It not only holds my hair back, but it adds a little bit of style too! 

Lastly is the No Slip Basic Headwrap (around $6.99). I like how this one keeps all of my hair completely out of my face because it's so wide, yet it doesn't budge when I'm moving. I have both of these headbands in black and bought them at my local Ulta. 

What are your favorite hair accessories? If you have any suggestions please leave a comment below so I can try them out!

Have a beautiful day,


*This post is not sponsored by scunci and everything was purchased with my own money.

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