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Dre Does an EXO Supply Review

Now that the flu is finally starting to stop occupying my body, let's get to a post I had originally planned for last week! A few month's back I was contacted by the company EXO Supply to try out two of their new products. They are a relatively new organic and natural company and since the two products involved skincare (hello!) and nails, I was excited to try them out. I love that their products are all formulated with USDA certified organic essential oils. I love me some essential oils because of not only their benefits and versatility, but most importantly their smell. I received the Natural Foaming Coconut Cleanser and samples of both the Lavendar and Citrus scented Pure Removers. 

I was excited to try the Coconut Cleanser because it is super gentle and safe for all skin types. I have oily and acne prone skin and while I normally prefer to have a really deep cleansing cleanser, I still think it's important for all skin types to have a gentle and soothing face wash in your drawers for days when you're skin is really irritated or hypersensitive. The fact of the matter is that I live in Michigan; where the weather changes drastically at a moments notice and my skin can reflect that. 

The Pure Coconut Cleanser is formulated with coconut oil obviously, but also jojoba oil and floral waters. I initially wasn't too thrilled with the cleanser because I didn't feel like I was getting a deep enough cleanse. However, once I started using it as the first step in a double cleanse, I liked the results I was getting. I now use it every night to get every last trace of makeup off before I go in and deep cleanse my skin. I know you might think this is excessive, but when you're as acne prone and sensitive as I am, this extra step helps! Plus I've liked having it on hand for those sensitive nights. The Pure Cleanser retails for $16.95 for 6 Oz. 

The next product I tried was the Pure Remover which is a completely organic and natural plant-based nail polish remover that is both alcohol and acetone FREE! I repeat, alcohol and acetone FREE! The scent is completely naturally and the product is non-toxic too! While I think this is an amazing natural option for everyone, I think this product would be amazing for use on both children AND women that are pregnant who are looking for organic and non-toxic options! The wipes are a great option if you're traveling or simply like the convinience, but they also sell bottles of the Pure Remover if you prefer. (Can we talk about how proud I am that I remembered to take a picture before I ripped the adorable packaging open and ruined it?!)  The wipes are available in packs of 10 ($12), 20 ($24), or 30 ($30) and in the scents Lavender, Mint, Orange, or Unscented. The bottles are $15.95 for 4 oz and come in the same four scents. 

You can find out more about EXO Supply and their products by visiting www.EXOsupply.com or checking out their Instagram (@exo_supply).

A huge thanks to EXO Supply for letting me try out these awesome products! 

Have a beautiful day,


*These products were sent to me to try out for free but all opinions are my own and I wasn't required to post about them! 

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