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Dre Does a Beauty Secret

If there's one thing us makeup artists and makeup enthusiasts can agree upon, it's that cleaning brushes is the bane of our existence. It's the thing that we know we have to do but always dread. Well I'm here to share a tip I discovered about a year ago but didn't actually try out until very recently. I'm happy to say I'm never going back to my old ways!

So what it is? A solid brush cleanser. You may have heard of the most famous one from Beauty Blender that retails for $16 for 1 ounce of soap. The idea is that you wet your brush or sponge and swirl it around on soap, pick some up and then use that to clean the brush in your palm or whatever you normally use to clean your brushes. I have always used baby shampoo for deep cleansing my brushes because it's just how I was taught and what has always worked. Mind you this always takes forever when you have a lot of brushes and I feel like I'm always wasting shampoo because I'm pouring it into my palm.

Well I heard another makeup artist suggest trying Dr. Bronner's Pure-Castille Bar Soap as a solid cleanser and seeing as it costs a shocking $4.69 for 5 oz, I figured it wouldn't hurt to try. OMG! Ladies go out and buy this completely organic soap ASAP and try it. Not only is it ridiculously cheaper than the Beauty Blender's alternative, but it's organic, conditioning for your brushes with coconut and tons of other oils, and it comes in so many different scents. Since it doesn't come with a container to store it in like the Beauty Blender one, just make a trip down the travel sized beauty section like I did and snag yourself a clear 97 cent container to store your bar of soap in.

I love how quickly I can wash everything too because I'm not picking up a shampoo bottle and pouring out and wasting extra product with every brush. It also cleans the brushes quicker than I've ever seen! I've linked the Citrus scent above which is the one I am currently using.

If you try this out and love it, let me know! Also please feel free to share any other beauty secrets you might have!

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