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Dre Does Current Fall Fashion Lusts

As much as I don't want to admit it because it means summer is coming to an end, I am really excited for fall. I baked my first fall-themed recipe (apple cinnamon muffins that were too die for!) and I've been glancing more at fall fashion so I think it's time I admit it. I'M READY FOR YOU FALL! It's like the time when I kept listening to Rhianna songs on repeat but refused to admit that I liked her. Was that a bad analogy? Oh well! Let's talk clothes!!

Warning: I wear a lot of black as a makeup artist, so I gravitate towards black. I just can't help it! It is so easy to pair and always matches a red lip. As Rachel Zoe once said, "I'll stop wearing black when they make a darker color".

I tried this blazer on at H&M last week, in all black (shocker!) and I was in love. This pastel pink color is really starting to grow on me though. The leather detailing along the lapel and the pockets is so great and it fit so well. You're probably wondering why I didn't get it, but the truth is I was visiting this H&M for the first time since it opened and I had a strict list of what I needed and I was trying so hard not to deviate from it. Go me. I'm going to be going back soon and I figured if that size 6 black blazer is still waiting there for me, it will just be meant to be in my closet. Maybe it will even take a trip into Sale-land before then. (A girl can dream)

This skirt from Express gives me life. I love anything that hits at your natural waist because I am definition hour glass shaped and if I don't emphasize my natural waist, I can look much heavier than I actually am. I love how this is knee length but has the sheer panel. I think it adds a classy bit of sexiness in an unexpected way. I will for sure be stalking this online and waiting for some great Express coupons to make sure it becomes mine!

This jacket from The Gap is beautiful. If you know me personally you probably know my obsession with Gap. I get all of my jeans and pants from them and find that if I want a good classic piece that is going to last in my wardrobe for a while, The Gap is my place to go. I love the shade of gray of this jacket and can already think of a million tanks in my closet that I would pair it with to transition my summer wardrobe into fall.

You will be seeing many more of these posts as we get closer to fall and I spend more time browsing fall collections. What do you have your eye on for fall? Send me links, pictures, whatever! I love to get inspiration from others. 

Have a beautiful start to your week,


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