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Dre Does a Lorac PRO Matte Lip Color Review

I was going to wait until I picked up some more shades of these before I did a review but I can't wait any longer! I am obsessed with this lip product. I swatch them all the time at work and recommend them to women almost daily haha. If you haven't played with them yet, you need to! I own the shade Mauve and it is amazing. It's basically a darker shade of my natural lip color. As it wears it dries a little darker but I love it just the same. These lip colors go on so smoothly for a matte product. I love that they are in a twistable pencil form because it makes them so easy to apply (like a fat lip liner). They definitely don't feel matte when they go on but after a little while they dry to a nice matte finish. What I love about them though is that they don't dry your lips out or look super cracked and dry as they wear. I feel like they almost make my lips look fuller and more plump because of how they wear. 

Now let's talk about the staying power. They last so incredibly long! The main color and outline will for sure last you all day but I'd say that the only part I had to touch up was the inner part of my lips but that's from eating and drinking throughout the day. I recommend them to women always if they are looking for a matte long wearing lip color. The range of colors is great too; all the way from nude to a deep Merlot shade. I especially love how they have a few rosy shades, like Mauve, that vary in tone so everyone can find a natural lip color that suits them best. 

Overall there are 12 shades in total (I will probably buy most of them for my makeup kit because they are that good!) and they retail for $16 each! Now for some swatches of the shade Mauve!

If you try one out let me know which shade you chose! 

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