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Dre Does Makeup Looks For The Week

I've been taking pictures of my makeup for work most days and sharing them on my Instagram (@dre_does) for inspiration. I thought it would be nice to every so often share how I created the looks for those of you who are curious!

First up is this gorgeous look centered around one of my favorite MAC shadows of all time, Amber Lights. It such a beautiful summer and fall orangey bronze color that really stands out. I also used Orb in the brow bone, Cork as my transition shade throughout my crease and Handwritten to really deepen up the crease and blend out Amber Lights. Lastly I'm wearing my usual mascara, Benefit's They're Real and my upper and lower water lines are lined with Jane Cosmetics' Water Resistent Black Eyeliner. (All three looks are completed with these two steps!)

For this look I started with White Chocolate from the Too Faced Chocolate Bar Palette on my brow bone, Salted Caramel also from Chocolate Bar as my transition color in the crease, Colombia by Cargo Cosmetics in the outer V, and then after spraying a flat shader brush with some MAC Fix +, I gently pressed Loreal's Infallible 24 Hr Shadow in Amber Rush on the lid. I love the look I get by pressing this product over the other shadows. You can still see the definition I gave my outer V through the pressed pigment and it gives a really cool look to the eye! 

For this last look I only used 3 shadows and it was a quick and easy look for a morning I was running a bit late! They all came from the Too Faced Chocolate Bar palette (can you tell how much I love this thing yet? Haha). I used White Chocolate on the brow bone, White Chocolate in the crease and Amaretto on the lid. I just blended everything really well and smoked out the shadows and it looks way more time consuming then it really is! I was really going for an all over bronzed look this day because I'm trying to fit as much bronze in as possible before summer ends! Haha

Let me know if you like these kinds of posts! I love sharing my makeup looks with you because it forces me to try out different combinations and not just stick to my normal looks.

Have a beautiful weekend,


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