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Dre Does a Fashion Quick Fix

As I was getting dressed yesterday morning I put on a dress that I love. The only problem is that depending on what bra I wear, it is sometimes see-through. Which got me thinking. I hate when you have to wear a tank or camisole under a dress because you can see your bra. Normally they bunch at my waist and they're impossible to keep straight and smooth. So I went back to my closet and pulled out my trusty black crop top. I know what you're thinking. How is a crop top going to fix this? Well, since this particular crop top is tight fitting it is perfect for wearing under dresses as a shortened camisole! I have done this numerous times and I highly suggest investing in some crop tops for this reason even if you wouldn't wear them alone! Since they are shorter they generally end at your natural waist and there won't be any excess fabric left to bunch up and make awkward rolls through your dress! 

Do you have any fashion quick fixes like this? Leave me a comment and let me know! 

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